Diatexite migmatites

China has dominated the rare earth industry for thirty years and there is little indication this will change soon. Now, with a dramatic increase in demand for the rare earth magnets needed to drive electric transportation and produce clean energy solutions, the industrial world remains exposed to Chinese dominance. And the stakes are now higher than ever. Medallion has been developing an approach to achieve significant and low-cost production of these magnet metals by acquiring and processing monazite, a by-product rare earth mineral. NdPr is the key input to magnets needed in the motors and generators of electric and hybrid vehicles, wind turbines, and a variety of other clean energy applications. These rare-earth magnets are 10 times the magnet strength for the same weight as conventional magnets, and there is currently no known substitute. Enter monazite. For almost years, monazite has been processed using well-understood metallurgical methods.

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Kawakami, N. Nakano , F. Higashino, T. Hokada, Y.

Most absolute dating methods rely on the analysis of radioactive isotopes and Plasma Mass Spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS); Chemical U+Th-Pb monazite dating.

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. Representing diverse igneous and metamorphic lithologies, these grains yielded conventional isotopic ages ranging in age from Neoarchean to Devonian. Save to Library. Create Alert. Launch Research Feed. Share This Paper. Top 2 of 2 Citations View All Resolving poly-metamorphic Paleoarchean ages by chemical dating of monazites using multi-spectrometer U, Th and Pb analyses and sub-counting methodology.

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Pavel, Emma Guttman-Yassky, Brian S. Iodine is a chemical element with the symbol I and atomic number Thorotrast Uranium–thorium dating – Wikipedia. The concentration of thorium oxide in monazite sands is about 3 to 10%.

Electron probe microanalysis EPMA dating of monazite has been developed over decades. However, limited by the detectability and analytical sensitivity of dating-related elements Th, Pb, U and Y , the EPMA dating has been restricted to geological research. In this study, various probe currents, beam diameters and counting times have been utilized on a JEOL JXA electron microprobe to determine the optimal experimental conditions for measuring Th, Pb, U and Y in monazite.

We apply this method to monazite from garnet-bearing biotite gneiss in the Zanhuang area of the Central Orogenic Belt of the North China Craton. This study suggests that EPMA dating of monazite as a powerful dating technique can be widely used in geochronological study. Download to read the full article text. Allaz, J. Microscopy and Microanalysis , 25 1 : 30— Amli, R.

Investigation of the monazite chemical dating technique

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We investigated textures, chemical compositions and U–Pb dates of monazite Monazite grains were separated for U–Pb SHRIMP dating from.

The higher Himalayan crystalline in Sikkim consist of pelitic migmatites interlayered with calc- silicate rock. Some diatexites were mobilized into dike-like bodies that crosscut adjacent diatexite and locally intrude and brecciate the Non-sdalen pluton Barnes et al. We can divide Hamadan metamorphic rocks in three groups: regional metamorphic rocks, contact metamorphic rocks and migmatites.

Widespread replacement of peritectic orthopyroxene by biotite indicates that not all the melt component was re-segregated, some reacted with the residual phases. Liquid Compositions According to Their The first mechanism applies to metatexite migmatites and the other two to diatexite migmatites, but the primary driving forces for each are deviatoric stresses related to regional-scale deformation.

In comparison to west, overlaying two-mica diatexite ortho-gneiss migmatite terms after Ashworth, , and Wimmenauer and Bryhni, An amphibolite sample in Figure 3 shows the first signs of the onset of melting in the low-melt fraction and low-strain regime. Metagreywackes, although next the migmatites, show more spreading Migmatites have generally been divided into metatexites and diatexites.

Zircon U-Pb dating of migmatites and associated granitic neo-somes shows that the crustal evolution started in the Paleo-Mesoarchean from 3. In The structural transition from metatexite to diatexite, such as that observed in the Fuhuling migmatites, is related to the evolution of the rheology of partially molten rocks, which is the result of a complex and dynamic interplay between melt production, melt segregation, melt migration, and melt redistribution [10,19,20].

Results of chemical dating of monazite from the Talnakh economic intrusion (Russia)

Economic copper, nickel, and platinum-group element PGE deposits are associated with the Talnakh ultramafic—mafic intrusion of the Noril’sk Province in the northwestern part of the Siberian Platform. The results of the chemical Th—U—Pb dating of monazite from the ore-bearing melanotroctolites of the Talnakh intrusion are presented. The isotope-geochemical features of monazite are compared with zircon, sulfides, and baddeleyite. Results of chemical dating of monazite from the Talnakh economic intrusion Russia.

N2 – Economic copper, nickel, and platinum-group element PGE deposits are associated with the Talnakh ultramafic—mafic intrusion of the Noril’sk Province in the northwestern part of the Siberian Platform.

Spear, F. S., J. M. Pyle, and D. Cherniak (), Limitations of chemical dating of monazite, Chem. Geol., (3–4), – Stevens, L. M., J. A. Baldwin, J. M.

Hacker, M. Racek, R. Holder, A. Kylander-Clark, K. Schulmann, P. Monazite laser ablation—split-stream inductively coupled plasma—mass spectrometry LASS was used to date monazite in situ in Barrovian-type micaschists of the Moravian zone in the Thaya window, Bohemian Massif. Heterogeneously developed retrograde shear zones S 3 are marked by widespread chloritization, but minor chlorite is present in the studied samples.

Monazite is zoned, showing embayments and sharp boundaries between zones, with low Y in the staurolite zone, high-Y cores and low-Y rims in the kyanite zone, and high-Y cores, a low-Y mantle and a high-Y rim in the sillimanite zone. A systematic increase in heavy rare earth element HREE content with decreasing monazite age from to Ma is correlated with growth on the prograde P—T path; the drop in HREE of monazite at — Ma is assigned to recrystallization.

The presence of chlorite even in the least retrogressed samples witnesses limited external fluid availability on the retrograde P—T path. Migration of this fluid was probably responsible for heterogeneous fluid-assisted recrystallization and resetting of original prograde monazite, even where included in garnet, staurolite or kyanite.

Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences

Monazite rim formation was facilitated via dissolution—reprecipitation of Neoproterozoic monazite. The monazite rims record garnet growth as they are depleted in Y 2 O 3 with respect to the Neoproterozoic cores. Rims are also characterized by relatively high SrO with respect to the cores. Results of the zircon depth-profiling revealed igneous zircon cores with crystallization ages typical for SNC metasediments.

In order to evaluate the electron microprobe (EMP) method for chemical dating of monazite, we chemically analyzed selected suites of.

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Our in-depth understanding of garnet ore characteristics and experience of production engineering have enabled us to produce superior quality of garnet abrasive for years. The finished products comply with international standards and achieve quotthree high and one lowquot high cleanliness, high dryness, high purity and low impurity content.

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is widely used in mining building materials chemical industry metallurgy and so on It excluding wearing parts for a period of one year 12months from the date Rollers for Mineral Gold Tin Rutile Zircon Sand Monazite Ore Separation and.

Roberto F. Weinberg , Lauren C. Kylander-Clark, Raul Becchio. Monazite is an abundant accessory mineral in metasedimentary rocks and their anatectic products. Trace element analysis combined with U-Pb dating of monazite is widely used to reconstruct P-T-t histories of high-grade metamorphic terranes. This approach relies on interpreting U-Pb dates, which requires understanding the processes that cause isotopic disturbances.

Despite each sample yielding a reasonable Famatinian monazite mean date, the results reveal that the isotopic system has been perturbed. Data for each rock sample yield similar date spread for both the cores and the well-defined rims of single monazite grains, indicating a disconnect between U-Pb dates and chemical zonation. We interpret these random within-grain date variations as a result of coupled dissolution-reprecipitation reactions between monazite grains and ambient fluids, most likely silicate melts.

These reactions occurred during a single orogeny marked by a long-lasting, high-temperature metamorphic history. This process was likely significant here because dissolution of apatite into silicate melts during migmatization stabilized monazite, preventing their dissolution but not preventing their reaction with the melt. Redistribution of radiogenic Pb caused by the coupled dissolution-reprecipitation reactions gave rise to meaningless individual dates spreading along the 50 Myr duration of the thermal event associated with the orogeny.

In this case, rather than reacting with fluids from a distinct event, monazite dates were perturbed during the same orogeny.

Monazite geochronology

JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it. Investigation of the monazite chemical dating technique. Date Author Loehn, Clayton William.

To date, however, only conceptual studies exist. Rare earth elements are a group of seventeen chemical elements that occur together deposits, loparite which occurs in alkaline igneous rocks and monazite (a phosphate).

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Electron Microprobe Dating of Monazite

Jercinovic University of Massachusetts. Assumption: No non-radiogenic lead in monazite or at least very little. If you can precisely measure U, Th, and Pb in ppm , you can solve this equation iteratively for lead to obtain an age.

Two different methods, zircon SHRIMP and monazite chemical dating, were applied to determine the age of these dykes. U–Pb SHRIMP dating of magmatic.

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